Roundup loses major battle over cancer claim

Roundup loses major battle over cancer claim

A federal jury in San Francisco awarded a California man who claimed that his non-Hodgkin lymphoma had been caused by the weedkiller Roundup $80 million earlier this week.

Currently, 11,000 cases are still waiting to be heard on both the state and federal levels. In each of those matters, the plaintiff accuses Roundup of having caused their cancer. One school groundskeeper in California won a $289 million settlement last year for the same reason.

Consumers first became aware of the dangers that Roundup posed when the World Health Organization published a report in 2015. In it, they discussed how the weedkiller’s main ingredient, glyphosate, was likely a human carcinogen.

Monsanto, Roundup’s manufacturer, argues that the chemical doesn’t actually cause cancer. To back up their claim, they cite several studies that have shown glyphosate to be safe. They note that the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) one is one of very few that says it’s carcinogenic. Monsanto’s parent company Bayer also notes that glyphosate has been proven to be safe when used as directed.

After the March 27 verdict was announced, Bayer said that they’d be appealing. They also highlighted how they’ve been researching glyphosate-based herbicides for four decades and how they’ve never been led to conclude that it causes cancer. They noted that while they’re sympathetic to the plaintiff’s health problems, they stand behind the safety of the products that they produce.

Many legal analysts have spoken of this latest settlement as setting yet another precedent for the handling and settlement of future cases against Monsanto.

When a product is released on the market, consumers expect it to have been thoroughly tested and for any harm that it poses to be clearly advertised. Sometimes dangers that a product poses aren’t known about until well after consumer exposure, unfortunately.

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